Born and raised in a small town outside Cleveland, Ohio. Corey is the youngest of four Children.  His Parents Pat and Sandy helped spark the fire of love of agriculture within Corey . He grew up basking in nature’s art and developed a keen eye for simple, but majestic beauty.
He studied design and business at Kent State University and University of Houston opening the doors towards his future.

He decided to move to Houston over 15 years ago. Corey started off bartending at Jr’s, then moving into medical sales, and now part time manages at The West End bar and restaurant.  Corey has spent many hours volunteering with Katy Meals on Wheels, Katy chamber of Commerce Eldercare committee, Northwest Assistance ministries, Houston Center for AIDS and was vice Chair of the CAB committee for the 505 vaccine representing Baylor College of Medicine . With a welcoming Ronald McDonald smile, he soon became popular amongst many successful Houstonians. Although he could host lavish parties and execute the perfect cocktail any day. Corey knew he had a more personal role to take on in life. His observant eye and love for nature, along with his design background gave birth to a new idea.

What started off as a hobby to help sell million-dollar homes for friends has now turned into a successful business. He’s nicknamed the “plastic surgeon” for homes and you’re bound to see one of his “Yardlifts” driving through the Houston neighborhoods.

He lives for an utmost attention to detail and incredible precision. More importantly, he strives to incorporate a client’s personality into his work in order to give the final piece unmistakable character and depth. What he does isn’t mere yard work, but really a reflection of who Corey is as a person, and everything he believes in.